Unique Accommodation in Andalucía


Country House With Beautiful Details Near Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz)

This newly build 2-bedroom country house has a lot of very nice and beautiful details, such as a great wooden bed, brick build kitchen, old style furniture and great terraces with beautiful views to Vejer de la Frontera and the valley in front. It is perfect for a secluded country-side stay near the Atlantic Ocean.



Traditional Old Finca in Amazing Nature Area

Very beautiful old Andalusian farmhouse with lots of caracter, charm and original details. The walls are almost 1 meter wide, the wooden beams are preserved, the fireplaces are original and there is a huge amount of details from it’s history. It is a 3-bedroom finca located right by El Chorro and the amazing natural park with exceptional rock scenaries.

The old farmhouse can be booked here: ENGLISH, DEUTSCH, NEDERLANDS, DANSK.

Cosy Cottages By Amazing Nature Park Near Malaga

These two cosy and simple cottages for 2-3 persons are located just outside of El Chorro and right by the national park with amazing scenary, rivers, dams, lakes, wildlife, rocks and mountains. El Chorro is known for the huge gorge where the river comes through the mountain with 400 meter high cliffs to each side. Great area for walking, for birdwatching and for beautiful natural scenary.

The two cottages can be booked here: ENGLISH, DEUTSCH, NEDERLANDS, DANSK.

Converted Old Shepherd’s Cottage and Sheep Stable

Cottages are always nice and cosy and when they have history the become very special. These two beautiful 1-bedroom holiday cottages use to be the cottage of the local shepherd and the stable for his sheep. The have walls that are almost 1 meter wide, small wooden windows, a fire place and visible wooden beams over the windows and doors. They have preserved all the original charm. A common pool has been addes also.

Both cottages can be booked here: ENGLISH, DEUTSCH, NEDERLANDS, DANSK.

Old Hamlet School House Converted into Holiday House

This magnificent 3-bedroom country house used to be the school house of the hamlet and the surrounding country side. It has been completely reformed, but the original cealing beems and the big original class room have been preserved. Outside a private pool has been added and the views over the country side are amazing.

Find the old school house here: ENGLISH, DEUTSCH, NEDERLANDS, DANSK.

Traditional Andalusian Fountain in the Patio of Estepona Villa

The Andalusian houses traditionally all had a fountain in the central patio, which added freshness to the air, making the stay there very comfortable – the air condition system of antique Andalucía. This traditions has been forgotten in almost all new buildings, but not at this great villa in Estepona, which has been divided into 4 one- and two-bedroom holiday apartments. This is the chance to stay by the coast and still experience some of the traditional Andalusian details.

The apartments can be booked here: ENGLISH, DEUTSCH, NEDERLANDS, DANSK.

Very nice cottage with private pool

The very best of Spain is its fresh fruit and vegetables directly from the fields. At this little cosy casita for 2-3 persons located outside the white village of Almogía the local farmers come by regularly to offer their produce directly from their own fields. This is the perfect country side experience not far from Malaga.

It can be rented here: ENGLISH , DEUTSCH, NEDERLANDS, DANSK.